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Mitch Solway


For the past 30 years Mitch has led marketing for some of Canada's top tech brands including Lavalife, FreshBooks, Vidyard, ClearFit and FundThrough. In each company he was either marketer #1 or the first non-founding executive.

Today, as a fractional CMO, Mitch works with early and growth stage companies looking to establish themselves as leaders in their respective areas, solidify a crystal-clear marketing direction and build world-class marketing functions designed to deliver on aggressive growth mandates.

Having worked with bootstrapped and venture backed startups Mitch understands how to grow and scale in both scarcity and abundance. He’s an advocate for collaboration and a champion for creating conditions for teams and people to succeed.

He also has an extensive collection of over 500 magic books that you can often see behind him on video calls.

Mitch Solway
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