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A scalable and customizable SaaS platform that enables secure collection, integration, analysis, and sharing of data.​


Maximizing the value of your data requires it to be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable​ (FAIR)

This is achieved not only through use of an interoperable and extensible system that supports integration and analysis across data modalities and locations but also an enabling policy and governance infrastructure that addresses regulatory and institutional requirements.


The Bridge

Maintain platform-level command and control through The Bridge, which enables configuration of major cross-platform functionalities including user management, data egress, provenance, forensic analysis, security, and compute allocations. ​


Indoc Systems' flagship SaaS-based data management platform.


Modular Architecture

Leverage Pilot’s modular zone-based architecture to build a customized platform based on your privacy, security, data integration, analytics, and data sharing requirements. ​


The Greenroom

Ensure strict control over your most sensitive data by setting appropriate use and de-identification levels using The Greenroom, Pilot’s sensitive data landing zone module. ​


The Canvas

Provide your data users with access to all the solutions they need to generate insight from their data using The Canvas, the entry point to dashboards, workspaces, code repositories, and other tools.


Unlock the true value of your data with Pilot. ​

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