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About Us

Globally, medical research data remains scattered and fragmented across geographies, authorities, and institutions. Platforms are needed to bring these data together and enable researchers to effectively manage, share, and analyze complex research data. ​

Indoc Systems builds the data platforms that address these challenges, supporting researchers in curing disease and improving quality of life. ​

The future of research will be determined by how well​ data users are able to integrate and analyze complex ​data from diverse sources. ​


Team Member Photo

Ken Evans

President and CEO
Team Member Photo

Charles Plant

Team Member Photo

Tom Gee

Vice President, Engineering
Team Member Photo

Christina Yung

Vice President, Data Science
Team Member Photo

Sue Gilbert Evans

Director, Project Management
Team Member Photo

Chris MacPhee

Senior Director, Security and Infrastructure
Team Member Photo

Moyez Dharsee

Team Member Photo

Fan Dong

Vice President, Systems Development

Team Member Photo

Anthony Vaccarino

Senior Vice President, Strategic Research Initiatives
Team Member Photo

Niusha Barmala

Director, Operations
Team Member Photo

Mojib Javadi

Director, Program Development and Research Operations
Team Member Photo

Shahab Shahnazari

Senior Director, Informatics Programs
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