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We believe in building data ecosystems where collaborators are able to share and aggregate their data.​

Indoc works closely with its partners to understand the unique needs of researchers in order to create interoperable data solutions that facilitate privacy-protected integration, sharing, and analysis of data. ​

See some of our current projects below: 

Brain-CODE Neuroinformatics Platform

Brain-CODE is Ontario Brain Institute’s secure neuroinformatics platform for management, federation, sharing and analysis of multi-dimensional neuroscience data.

Health Data Cloud – EBRAINS Services for Sensitive Data​

Building on the EBRAINS research infrastructure, Health Data Cloud provides a new service for sensitive medical brain data for the scientific community. ​

Ontario Health Data Platform

The Ontario Health Data Platform is a collaborative effort by leading public sector organizations to accelerate research and analytics within Ontario to help the province better manage and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.​

BIH/Charité Virtual Research Environment

The Virtual Research Environment (VRE) at Charité Hospital combines a powerful suite of workbench tools, high-performance computing services and platform integrations into a central portal to provide researchers with the resources they need to securely collect, analyze, catalogue and share complex research data.

Healthcare to Homecare: Frailty Care System

Leveraging advanced devices, wearables, and data to help assess, prevent and treat causes of frailty amongst seniors.

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